Live Chat Information!

Hello penguins!  The live chat is Today!  Can you wait?  YOU CAN ONLY COME IF YOU SIGN UP.  YOU COULD SIGN UP BY COMMENTS!  IN THE COMMENTS JUST “I’LL BE THERE” OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT! The live chat is very important and is going to be very organized. We are really working hard on making that live video.  So here is what’s going to happen:

Step 1.  Go to this website(

Step 2.  You will see a big sign that says “Live Chat Here!”  Click on that sign

Step 3.  You will then see a video.  Watch the video.  It will start from the point where it is live.

Step 4. Leave comments as questions and we will answer them in the Live video.

Step 5.  Have Fun!

here is all the information you need for the Live Chat except for the steps:
Date:  March 27th 2010(TODAY!)


Eastern Time:  4:00 P.M.

Pacific Time:  1:00 P.M.

Central Time:  3:00 P.M.

Mountain Time:  2:00 P.M.

Place:  Look at the steps up ahead and you will see the place.

We hope to see you there!

Michily mic


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