Club Penguin Codes And Glitches!

Here is our cheats for club penguin glitches and codes:

Hey everyone! Here is a page FILLED with all of the best Club Penguin Cheats. I update this page daily with all of the best Club Penguin Cheats, Glitches, Tips, Hints, Guides, Walkthroughs, Codes, Tricks, and more!

Invisible Names & Speech Glitch

  1. Log on to Club Penguin and edit your igloo.
  2. Wait for one of your buddies to visit your igloo.
  3. Click on their player card and go to their igloo.
  4. Once you’re in their igloo, go to any other room.
  5. You should see no speech bubbles or any names!


Make Your Puffles Walk on Igloo Walls

  1. Go to the Pet Shop and buy a few new puffles.
  2. Go to your igloo and buy a new large igloo, like a split level igloo.
  3. Wait for most or some of your puffles to go to the upper part of your igloo.
  4. Edit your igloo and buy a basic igloo.



  1. Go to the Cove.
  2. Click on the bottom right corner of the room.
  3. Click on the bottom left corner of the room.
  4. Continue to repeat steps 2 and 3 to keep nubbing.


Get Exclusive Party Music in Your Igloo

When a party arrives to Club penguin and a certain room has music that you can’t get in your igloo, use this cheat.

  1. Click on the entrance to the room that the music has that you want in your igloo.
  2. Click on the house icon on your chatbar, right when you’re about to enter the room.


Walk Away From Find Four Game

  1. Go to the Ski Lodge and join a game of Find Four.
  2. While you are sitting at the game, click the door leading to the Ski Village.
  3. You should be standing right in front of the door!


Walk Away From More Mini-Games

  1. Join a Sled Racing, Mancala, or Find Four game.
  2. While you’re playing/about to play (for Sled Racing), open your Penguin Mail.
  3. Click anywhere you would like to move.


How to Stand on Pathways

  1. Go to any room in Club Penguin.
  2. Stand in the middle of the room.
  3. Click on any pathway, left or right. (It doesn’t matter).
  4. While you are on the pathway, click the Club Penguin Mail icon.
  5. You should now be standing on the pathway!


Snowball Through The Clock Tower

  1. Go to the Snow Forts.
  2. Push T on your keyboard.
  3. Throw a snowball at the top of the Clock Tower.
  4. The snowball should go right through the Clock Tower!


Teleport Glitch

  1. Go to the Plaza and click the pathway leading to the Forest
  2. While your walking towards the room, keep your cursor moused over the door to the Pizza Parlor.
  3. Then while the room is loading, click the spot where the door was right before the room loads.
  4. If you did this correctly, you should be almost right in the middle on the room.

Talk With the Newspaper

  1. Click on the newspaper icon on the upper left.
  2. Send Aunt Arctic a joke, riddle, or anything you would like.
  3. Keep the newspaper open and press the Tab icon on your keyobard.
  4. Type any message in the chat bar you want to say, and press the Enter button on your keyboard.


How to get Rockhopper’s Key

  1. Got to the Town and walk into the Coffee Shop.
  2. Go upstairs and click on the library.
  3. Then click on Rockhopper’s Journal. Then flip all the way to the back.
  4. Click on the key in the back of the book. The key should now be added into your inventory.


Sitting Forward

  1. Go to any room in Club Penguin.
  2. Stand forward by keeping your cursor on the bottom on the screen. Be sure it’s in the middle.
  3. Now push “S” on your keyboard.
  4. You should be sitting forward!


Negative Coins Glitch

  1. Spend all of your coins until you have about 1 to 10 left.
  2. Buy pet food for your Puffle (costs 10 coins).
  3. It will say you do not have enough coins.
  4. Click OK, and keep trying to buy the pet food. Try it at least 2 more times.
  5. Then open up your playercard and look at your coins! It will be negative!

Invisible Ninja Cheat

  1. Put on only the ninja suit and mask on your penguin.
  2. Push the D button on your keyboard.


Walk on Water

  1. Go to the Iceberg and click on Aqua Grabber.
  2. Once you are standing right on it, click on the water area right below.
  3. You are now standing on water!


Message Cheat

  1. Go to any room in Club Penguin and type something in your chat bar.
  2. But DO NOT hit enter or send the message.
  3. Now click on your map and go to another room.
  4. The message you typed should still be in the chat bar!


Disappearing Puffle Glitch

  1. Go to the Pet Shop and buy a puffle.
  2. Take it for a walk and bring it to the Snow Forts.
  3. Click the pathway on the right.
  4. Right when you’re about to leave the room, click the penguin mail icon.
  5. If you do this correctly, your puffle won’t be next to you!


Sled Racing Tip

If you try staying in the middle of the path, it will help. Because sometimes if you stay in one certain side, there might be a jump all the way on the other side. So, usually, you will wipe out or fall when that occurs. That is why it is good to try to stay in the middle most of the time.


Low Quality Club Penguin Glitch

  1. Go to any room in Club Penguin.
  2. Push the + button on your keyboard.
  3. Club Penguin should be in low quality!


Sled Racing Glitch

  1. Make a penguin with at least over 5 digits long. It can be numbers or letters. Or both.
  2. Now go play Sled Racing. Join any game that has a penguin already waiting for somebody to play.
  3. Now while your playing the game, look at your name.
  4. There will be a few numbers or letters missing at the end of your penguin name!


How to Catch Mullet on Ice Fishing

It is very simple to catch Mullet. If you don’t know who Mullet is, it is a giant red fish that you can catch in a game of Ice Fishing. You can earn bonus coins for catching him too! Ok, first go play Ice Fishing. Then play the game until you get towards the end of the game. You should kinda start seeing a dark figure in the background of the game. That is Mullet. After that, catch one last yellow fish but DON’T bring it up and catch it. Keep it hanging on the line in the water. Then, when Mullet finally comes, hang the yellow fish in front of his mouth. And that’s it! You just caught Mullet! You also get a 100 coin bonus! Here is what it should look like after you catch him.


Puffle Walking on Water

  1. Buy a puffle at the Pet Shop and take it for a walk.
  2. Now go to the Beach and go to the right if the Beach. Your puffle should be right next to you.
  3. It should now be standing on water! You can also make it dance in the water too!


Fast Jokes Glitch/Secret

  1. Log into Club Penguin and go into any room you want.
  2. Now press “J” on your keyboard rapidly. J stands for Joke.
  3. When you rapidly press J on your computer, you tell jokes really fast!


Red Puffle Cheat in Catchin’ Waves

  1. Go to the Pet Shop and buy a red puffle (if you don’t already have one).
  2. Go to your igloo and take your puffle for a walk.
  3. Go to the Cove and play Catchin’ Waves.
  4. The red puffle should be surfing with you!


Pink Puffle Cheat in Aqua Grabber

  1. Go to the Pet Shop and buy a pink puffle.
  2. Go to your igloo and take your puffle for a walk.
  3. Go to the Iceberg and play Aqua Grabber. The pink puffle will be next to you.


Purple Puffle Cheat in Dance Contest

  1. Go to the Pet Shop and buy a purple puffle.
  2. Go to your igloo and take your puffle for a walk.
  3. Go to the Night Club and play Dance Contest. The purple puffle will dance with you.


Pizzatron Secret Levels

To unlock the secret levels of Pizzatron3000, just click the red lever when you enter the game. If you can’t find the red lever once you enter the game, here is where to click.


Cart Surfer Cheat

To make Cart Surfer almost easier and more smoother, open your player card and turn your penguin Lime Green before playing a game of Cart Surfer. Then when you go to play Cart Surfer while your penguin is Lime Green, it should go a little smoother.


How to Read Old Newspapers

  1. Go to the Boiler Room and look at the bottom right corner of your Club Penguin screen.
  2. You will see an icon with a container with newspapers in it. Click the icon.
  3. A container with newspapers will come up.
  4. All of the newspapers are old ones. So you can now read the old newspapers!


Sitting on Thin Ice game

  1. First go to the Dance Lounge. It is the room that is upstairs in the Dance Club.
  2. Now look at the Thin Ice game. Stand right in the middle of the room.
  3. Now click the T.V. screen that is on the left (it should be close to the top of your screen).
  4. You will now be standing on Thin Ice! You can dance, wave, sit, etc.


Hidden Articles in the Newspaper

Sometimes issues of the Club Penguin Times has different hidden articles in them.

  1. Open up the latest newspaper at the top left of the Club Penguin room.
  2. Mouse over different items in the newspaper.
  3. If your cursor turns into a hand while mousing over something, click it.
  4. There might be hidden content in the newspaper!

How to Throw a Snowball from Your Arm!

  1. Press T on your keyboard and throw a snowball somewhere in the room you are in.
  2. While you are picking up the snowball, press W on your keyboard to wave.
  3. The snowball should come from under your arm!


Chat History Glitch

  1. Go to any room of Club Penguin and click on your chatbar.
  2. Hold down a key like W. Keep holding it until the message stops typing. Now press the Enter key.
  3. The message should go outside of the chat bubble. Now click on the blue arrow that shows the chat history.
  4. It should have your Club Penguin name there, but the message will not be there!
  5. In this picture, I boxed the space where the message should have been shown.


Ice Fishing Cheat

  1. First you must become a member and if you are, buy the Flashing Lure Fishing Rod from the Sport Shop and go play Ice Fishing.
  2. Then put the Fishing Rod on your penguin and and go play Ice Fishing.
  3. You can catch gray fish and earn more coins with this item.


These were only a few Club Penguin Cheats but I will update with brand new ones when I can. If you have any other Club Penguin Cheats, leave a comment on  a post on the homepage and I’d be glad to post it on here! Thanks!

~michily mic and haran1

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