About Michily Mic!

Hi I am michily mic I am 9 years old my hobbies are sports, playing on club penguin, making videos for YouTube on club penguin. The people I know in real life are haran1, obi wan23, dolphin z and tiger. I have been playing on club penguin since April first 2009! I became a member on April tenth.  You can always count on us to put stuff on this website we are always updating  stuff quickly.  One day  me ( michily mic) and haran1 really wanted to make a website so I was at haran1’s house and we asked his dad, and he said ” yes!” so then we did and their we go. Since slash(a penguin we know on club penguin) recommended to make it on wordpress.com, there we did.

Michily mic http://www.michilymicharan.wordpress.com


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