So Sorry!

Sorry penguins!  We are having a lot of technical difficulties with getting the live video.  I just got a new camera and we haven’t set it up yet.   Also, I had another camera, but it is not capable to go on this website.  We will just have to have the Live Chat some other day.  I feel so bad.   Also, we do have a party coming up on April 3rd.  We will make it to that.  You can just go to the party section.  Next thing is, we’re thinking of MAYBE deleting the blog/website.  If we do, we will make another one on a better website.  Also, if we do, we will tell you the address before we delete this blog/website.  Once again I feel so bad for you guys because we let the Live Chat down yesterday and then again today.  I’m so sorry.  Tomorrow and Tuesday  Haran1, obi wan23, and I(Michily mic)  will not be available to post most of the day because there is a  Jewish holiday and we will be with our family.  We will probably be able to post a little but not a lot.  We’re changing the header back to a new one.  We are starting a contest.  Whoever puts in the most comments in the next month, April, will win a prize. You will get to meet us.  You will also get to see what the editing page looks like.  That is cool! The meeting with us part will be private.  So, if I were you, I would leave comments!

Michily mic

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