Club Penguin March 2010 Aunt Arctic Tracker!

Find Aunt Artctic on Club Penguin by using our Aunt Arctic Tracker below. Click on the dynamic image, or click here to reload the Aunt Arctic Tracker.

Here is a picture of Aunt Arctic’s player card on Club Penguin:

1. Our Aunt Arctic tracker above is highly accurate and frequently updates room and server that Aunt Arctic was last found on. If the tracker above is not accurate for some reason, try refreshing the page here.

2. Aunt Arctic is found most on Club Penguin during mid day for the United States and the United Kingdom. Aunt Arctic usually visits the more crowded servers so that more penguins can meet her on Club Penguin.

3. Aunt Arctic has a few favorite servers which include but are not limited to Mammoth, Blizzard, Snow Forts, Sleet, and Frozen. Aunt Arctic is usually found in exclusive rooms for members such as the Backstage at the Penguin Play awards.

4. When Aunt Arctic visits Club Penguin, she is only online during hours when Club Penguin support is open.

5. If you are lucky enough to find Aunt Arctic on Club Penguin, click on the receive free gift button to the far right on Aunt Arctic’s player card for her autographed background.

6. If the room appears very crowded (especially in a certain small area), Aunt Arctic may be in the room. If it is too crowded to see individual penguin names, check the alphabetized users in room list to search for her name faster.

7. All mascots including Aunt Arctic change servers approximately every 15 minutes. Be sure to refresh this tracker for the latest Aunt Arctic spotting.

8. If you are looking for more info about Aunt Arctic, visit the Aunt Arctic page here.

9. Check out for a faster loading Aunt Arctic Tracker. The page has less content and will load much faster than this page.

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