New Club Penguin Reviewed By You!

Last week Club Penguin asked to hear one of our daring stories, this week Violet5550 said:

I would get a group of pioneer penguins and together we would make a quest for the missing puffles. We would dress up as safely as we could wearing a helmet and safety jacket then get our super long powered torches  and set off into the pitch black cave and hopefully rescue all the puffles and be known as heroes! After that we relax at the coffee shop!

As you know the Penguin Play Awards is starting this Thursday! Dressing up, meeting  Club Penguin Mascots, walking the red carpet, are just a few things you can do at the Penguin Play Awards. You will be able to vote for your favorite play during the year also! Hope to see you waddling around Club Penguin! Oh yeah, I have been wanting to tell you that every day at 6:30 P.M. Eastern time I go on club penguin.  Also I go random times and I always go on Hibernate.  Haran1 also always goes on Hibernate.

Michily mic

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