Have You Noticed Something?!

Hey penguins!  Well, on this website have you noticed something?  This website has not been posting things so often.  We are very sorry.  We try to get on a post things as quickly as possible.  When ever we can we get stuff on.  The reason why we have been not getting things on as immediately as they come out is because Michily mic(me) is an actor and is getting busy with commercials and T.V. shows.  I have been guest staring in a lot of things.  On March 27th, 2010 if you watch nickelodeon there is something big going on.  I will be there.  So I won’t get to post anything that day.  But, we still have Haran1 and obi wan to post things. Also can you wait until the Penguin Play Awards?  I can’t!

Michily mic http://www.michilymicharan.wordpress.com

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