Club Penguin Times Issue 230!

The Club Penguin Times Issue #230 is here! :lol: Click here to view it!


Puffles Trapped Underground!

Club Penguin has announced that the missing puffles, including Rockhopper’s Yarr, have been tracked down and are currently located in the Mine Cave! (Hmm Mine Cave? Maybe that’s gonna be the name of the new room!) According to Rory the construction penguin, cave construction will be finished on March 15 and after it’ll be safe to proceed with rescue efforts.


Penguin Play Awards

Alright! The Penguin Play Awards will be arriving to Club Penguin on Friday, March 19! “An event planner explained that just like last year, penguins will get to vote in 5 categories:”

  • Best Play
  • Best Set
  • Best Music
  • Best Special Effects
  • Best Costumes

They also said that there will be interview areas set all over the island, including the Ski Hill and the Dock. Sounds pretty cool.

Upcoming Events

March 11

  • New Pin!

March 14

  • Rockhopper departs

March 15

  • New Game: Puffle Rescue!

March 19

  • New Pet Furniture Catalog

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