Club Penguin Missing Puffle Theory?!

Hey penguins, Eunes here to show you an exclusive, and my theory! This theory is in to regards of the missing puffles. If you don’t know, all the puffles have gone missing, like the few listed below.

Yarr cannot be found on Rockhopper’s ship.

There is no Yellow puffle on that boat in the Stage.

And lastly, there is no green puffle on top of that speaker. All Puffles are missing! What can this be leading to? HERBERT! Remember that sneak peak CP gave us? Here is a picture:

My theory is that Herbert is doing something, to trap all the Puffle on CP! I think he trapped them in the Mine, and the Yellow puffle somehow escaped!

Then the Yellow Puffle escaped!

I think that they come somewhere, and then Herbert threw them in the Ocean or something, and then CP needs our help! Club Penguin will be coming out with a new game! CP released some info on the new game, and this is what the info says:

It says:

Save the Puffle in a new game!

Thanks to Staly Vegas for that picture. Does that mean that a new Club Penguin game is coming out soon? I think this new game will be cool. But wait, that’s not all! I have another connection! Remember the sneak peak CP gave us? Check it out below:

  • The Polar Bear, Herbert
  • New Orange Puffle
  • Squid, from Aqua Grabber

The next part of my theory is… the Squid from Aqua Grabber! I think that this means that there will be a new level, or addition to Aqua Grabber! It look like that banner is from the Iceberg, and I remember that this Squid might have to do something with it! So I think that Herbert captured all the Club Penguin Puffles, threw them in the Ocean, then Club Penguin is going to make an addition to Aqua Grabber, so we will have to find all the Puffles, and bring them back to each of there places.

Do you think that this theory is correct, and is going to take place? Comment and tell us what you think!

Michily mic

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