New Reminder For Igloo Of The Month!

Hello penguins!  About a week ago I told you about igloo of the month.  Well its this Saturday! There is two times.  You can choose which time you want to come. I put the places at the bottom and the server.  There is only one place and one server that we go on.  It is for both times.  The reason we have two times is because we think it might get too crowded if we have one time, and too hard to give directions.  the igloo that is the best, we take a picture of it and put it on the igloo of the month section. So make sure to get your igloos ready!  Here is all the information you need for igloo of the month:

Date:  March 6th 2010(pretty soon. Get ready! It’s on Saturday!)

First Time:

Eastern Time:  4:00 P.M.

Pacific Time:  1:00 P.M.

Central Time:  3:00 P.M.

Mountain Time:  2:00 P.M.

Second Time:

Eastern Time: 6:00 P.M.

Pacific Time:   3:00 P.M.

Mountain:  4:oo P.M.

Central:  5:00 P.M. ( if you don’t know which time you are,  just ask your parents.)

Meeting Place:  Snow Forts

Server:  Hibernate

Hope you come and have a great time!!

Michily mic

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