Club Penguin Rockhopper Tracker!

Refresh the Club Penguin Rockhopper for updates on Rockhopper’s current location. If you have recently found Rockhopper, please help others find Rockhopper by posting a comment on this post.

Here is a picture of Rockhopper’s player card on Club Penguin:

Below are some tips on how to find Rockhopper on Club Penguin:

  1. The Club Penguin Rockhopper Tracker above is highly accurate and updated many times during the day. Refresh this page for the latest location telling you where Rockhopper is on Club Penguin.
  2. Rockhopper is a red penguin with a black beard, a black pirate hat, and occassionally walks around with his red puffle, Yarr.
  3. Rockhopper is most frequently found on popular servers during the peak hours of the day. Some of Rockhopper’s favorite servers include Mammoth, Blizzard, Frozen, Alpine, and Parka.
  4. Rockhopper is most commonly found in his ship, the Migrator. Rockhopper also is commonly found at the Beach, Dock, Town, Plaza, Pizza Parlor,Iceberg, and Pet Shop. Unlike other mascots, Rockhopper can be found in nearly all Club Penguin rooms.
  5. Rockhopper will not be online the entire day when the Migrator is docked at the Beach. You will only find Rockhopper open during hours when Club Penguin offices are open.
  6. Rockhopper changes servers approximately every 15 minutes. Refresh this page for the latest server Rockhopper was found on.
  7. Rockhopper can be found on multiple servers at once.
  8. Rockhopper will be crowded whenever he is spotted on Club Penguin. Look for large crowds of penguins and then use the users in room list to see if Rockhopper is in the room.
  9. Other penguins searching for Rockhopper on Club Penguin will commonly tell you the wrong location for Rockhopper. Ignore penguins telling you locations on Club Penguin unless they are your friends, or someone that seems reputable.
  10. If you do find Rockhopper on Club Penguin, click on his player card and click on the button to the far left to receive a free gift.

Also we added a new page called the Club Penguin Mascots.  Now it is called The Rockhopper tracker.

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