New Friday Stuff!

There is some new Club Penguin Puffle furniture out right now! There are 2 new items, and 1 cheats in the catalog. Check out the two new items.

It is the Puffle Ball, and the Puffle Washer! I am kind of disappointed because it is only 2 new items! On to the 1 cheat! To get the Gray House, go to the page with the Puffle Houses, and then click on ‘Puffle’!

Cool, right? I am so glad that there is at least 1 cheat in the catalog! Leave a comment about what you think of the new catalog!

new Club Penguin Pin has been released early! It is called the Feather pin! It is theLighthouse Beacon! Here is how to get it:

  1. Click on the map
  2. Go to the Beach
  3. Go in the Lighthouse
  4. Go tot he Beacon
  5. Pick it up!

Does that feather pin look cool or what? This is used for a pin, and and for the opening of the bridge, to go get your new background at the Stage! I really like this pin, don’t you? Drop a comment and tell us what you think about the new pin!

Here’s how to enter the other part of The New Stage:

1. Click on the map in the bottom left.
2. Go to the Beach.
3. Go to the Lighthouse.
4. Go upstairs to the Beacon.
5. Click on the Feather Pin.

6.Go back to the stage.
7.You will need to see the little Feather Pin shining:

8.You can pass to the other side by the small bridge.

Don’t you just love the look of brand new stage:

Do you like the New Feather Pin,let me know.

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