New Club Penguin You Decide!

The Club Penguin team would like your help deciding on something that’s coming out in April!

There are thinking about a new item and need your help to pick a special action to go along with it. If you had a new hat with an action, what would you like to be able to do the most? These are your choices.

To choose your favorite,  Click Here.

Which ones do you like the most? Post a comment and let me know.

Michily mic author

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2 Comments on “New Club Penguin You Decide!”

  1. Xoro Says:

    Hey there!! Im gonna have a club penguin party on Thursday! You can be a VIP! Yeah. Just comment on my website like this.

    Your Name//VIP. Got it? Here are the details

    Xoro’s Club Penguin Party!

    Server: Thermal
    Room: Snow forts
    Day: 12th February, Thursday
    Time:(Club Penguin Clock tower time):11:30

    Please come! I’d be really happy if you do! Or just leave a comment on my website.

    -Xoro619, Club Penguin Team Cheats President.

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