Club Penguin Puffle Party Interview And Puffle Party Sneak Peek!

One of the Club Penguin’s party planners gave us some information for this month’s Puffle Party! Here’s the interview with the party planner:

Question: Do we need to be puffle owners to be part of this party?
Answer: You don’t have to own a puffle, but hopefully you enjoy being around them! Of course, we do encourage puffle owners to bring their puffles to the party… there may be activities for the little creatures…

Question: Is there anything we should do to prepare for this event?
Answer: Practice your snowball tossing skills! Also, if you own a puffle, make sure to take good care of it.

Question: Can we expect any surprises?
Answer:Every time we plan a party we try to add a few new things and this party’s no exception. But if we told you more than that, it wouldn’t be a surprise…

Remember, each colored puffle get’s their very own area room at the Puffle Party! Last year, the White Puffle didn’t attend, but this year, he’ll be there! Here’s a picture of the White Puffle during this year’s Puffle Party!

~michily mic

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