Mission 11 Theory Herbert P. And Cave Expedition!

One of the top Club Penguin theorists named Monkeydude managed to come up with a theory on the next Club Penguin mission. It’s very convincing, so I decided that I should let all of you guys in on this.

On January 26, Billybob posted on the community blog. At the end of the post,Billybob said, “I can’t say too much about it, but you might want to check out theNight Club this Friday.” Billybob also mentioned that we will only be able to be in these areas until Thursday.

It seems like Billybob just hinted that the Night Club Penguin be closed off this Friday! Gary said that, “we’ve closed the Night Club to the public and we’ll be guarding it until we announce it to the public.” Club Penguin is probably going to block the Night Club off Friday.

Now it seems like no one can understand why we just had the Cave expedition. Well I think we’ve found it! In this weeks issue of the Club Penguin times, the following was said:

Now take a look at this picture from the beginning of the last mission:

During the Cave expedition, a golden puffle was found. So what does this have to do with the next mission? Check out the next picture where Herbert gives us a, “heads up” about what he plans to do next.

It looks like Herbert is going to steal the puffle that we found in the Caveexpedition! It is possible that he has already done this and Club Penguin is going to keep it a secret. However, what I believe is that this Friday a golden puffle will appear in the Night Club for all of us to see. In a week or so, the puffle will be gone and a new mission will be released where we have to find the golden puffle!

All of the facts seem like they are connecting. Do you believe a new mission is coming?

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