New Friday stuff!

The rockslide has finally been cleared out at the Mine, and there are many caves that you can explore! Here is a full guide on how to get every free & purchasable item for the Cave Expedition.

1. Start by going to the Mine and pick up your free Mining Helmet.

2. Go through the cave tunnel and enter the first hidden cave.
3. Throw snowballs at the machine to keep the lights on.

4. To get the first item, use your Mining Helmet and do the special dance that goes with it. Start mining/drilling in 4 different places until you get the Amethyst Pin.

5. To the right side of the room, you should notice that the boulder disappeared and rolled away.
6. Go through the entrance where the boulder recently was.
7. Click on the “For Sale” sign to buy the new Diving Suit!

8. You can now put on the Diving Suit and swim underwater!
9. Go through the next entrance underwater.
10. Click on the free background in the next underwater room.

Congratulations! You have now fully completed the Cave Expedition! What do you think of it? Leave a comment with your thoughts! And most importantly, tell me what you think about the new items that are included in it!

And also there is a new wallpappers where it says the start button here it is:


sorry guys it wont show cause it is soooooooo big!

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