New Club Penguin Events for January 2010 Mission 11 Coming Soon?!

Club Penguin has a membership page (view it here) which shows you what the upcoming events are for the current month for members.

The membership page was updated for all the other languages except for english.  Here is a picture of the french version with the new events for january:

Club Penguin wrote all of the events in French, but not in English! Here is a translation from French to English:

Prepare yourself for an avalanche surprise!

  • Become and act as your favorite characters in Fairy Fable
  • Explore a mysterious new and secret location
  • Create your own t-shirts in the penguin style catalog
  • Decorate your igloo with new prehistoric items

Check out the second bullet, “”Explore a mysterious new and secret location“! I’m pretty sure that this event has something to do with the landslide in the Mine. Maybe there is going to be an avalanche or something. If you remember the Halloween party, it’s the same area where Gary’s Secret Lab is located. Maybe Herbert is trying to get into Gary’s Secret Lab to steal some of his inventions! Do you sense Mission 11 is in the making?!

If this is all right and a new room is created, the blank TV screen at the PSAHeadquarters will finally be filled!

If Gary’s Secret lab does become a new room, it will probably be only for members since it is listed under the membership events page. We’re just going to have to wait and see how the story unravels! What do you think? ( please leave a comment on what you think.)

~ michily mic

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