he Quest For The Golden Puffle at the Stage has now come to an and and Fairy Fables has returned. Here are all of the Club Penguin Cheats for the new play. Most of it is still the same as the last time it returned, but there are a few new features.

Here are all of the Costume Trunk cheats and hidden items for the new “Fairy Fables” play at the Stage. There is only one hidden item cheat that returned this time, check it out.

Here’s how to find the Silver Wand:

1. Go to the 1st page of the catalog.
2. Click on the middle part of the radio.

That’s the only hidden item cheat for the Costume Trunk, but there’s also something new in the back of the book! You can now read Fairy Fables in a book if you go to the back of the catalog.

What part do you like the most about the Fairy Fables play at the Stage? I’m glad that they at least added one new feature to it, right?

Today Club Penguin released brand new postcards that are available to send to your buddies. Here are all of the newest Club Penguin postcards. Check it out.

Which new ones are your most favorite? I think I like them all! But, once again, Club Penguin is kind of late at updating again.

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